Vision, Mission & Objectives


The Malaysian Nurses Association aims to become the premier association for Malaysian nurses dedicated to:
  • Develop and promote high standards of nursing practice and research.
  • Uphold the image of nursing.
  • Abide by the professional ethics.
  • Be the center of national and international nursing networking.
  • Implement and collaborate with other organizations for health promotion.


Malaysian nurses association is the association of choice for all registered nurses in promoting and maintaining the honour, interest and the advancement of nursing as a profession.

  • To promote and maintain the honor, interest and the advancement of nursing as a profession.
  • To serve as the vehicle of the integrated voice of the whole profession to express its opinion & to acquaint the government and the other bodies with the policy and aspirations of the nursing profession.
  • To promote nursing education; a high standard of nursing practice and nursing research.
  • To promote and support a high standard of nursing ethics and conduct.
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